what is PIZA?

Half Pizza is a DRAC (decentralized reward autonomous community) of DRAC(decentralized reward autonomous chain).

Any good ecology, model, and product that conforms to the underlying logic of the blockchain may be used by us as a community and chain building section.

We have our own complete ecological framework,PIZA will be the ecological token of the DRAC chain.

We have completed multi-chain DEXs and cross-chain bridges. Chain building will begin after completing PIZAwallet:BUA-(Biometric Unique Address) and LAB-(Living Authentication Biobank).

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BSC Contract: 0xFC646D0B564bf191B3d3adF2B620a792E485e6Da
Max Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 PIZA

ETH Contract: 0x350ca33E2c75269A220c75D337E9B9AB177FA269
Max Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 PIZA

Cross Chain Bridge

You can exchange your tokens between BSC and ETH through our sub-project: Teddy Doge(teddydoge.finance)

How to exchange mainstream currencies across chains?E.G.(SHIB token)add tSHIBA tokens to teddyswap(BSC), swap your SHIB to tSHIBA, and then go to the cross-chain bridge to swap tSHIBA for ETH chain SHIB. The ETH chain crosses to the BSC, which is the opposite operation.







The time to build the DRAC chain is expected to be around June to August. We will conduct a full-scale decentralized ICO, and give up private placement. We will give ERC20/BEP20 addresses for ICO acceptance addresses, and statistics after the chain is established, And cross-chain additional issuance of PIZA to the DRAC chain, it is expected that 10% of the initial additional issuance of PIZA will be distributed to the same address where you transfer tokens according to the ICO ratio.
Telegram Channel:https://t.me/DRAC_channel
ERC20: 0x36112C687c45d61162d0486dc6EB8C26DedD1fC2
BEP20: 0x36112C687c45d61162d0486dc6EB8C26DedD1fC2



CEX Exchanges